Preliminary Design& SD

THE SET is a new 587 feet 45-story, L Shape luxury residential tower in Manhattan's surging Hudson Yards neighborhood, which is the epiccenter of Manhattan’s new west side. Bordered by the Hudson River, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown, it is a beacon for creative professionals. A hub for fashion, design, communications and art, Hudson Yards will attract and cater to this vibrant, cutting-edge community. Also, the construction of this building marks the start of Hudson Yards' second phase development by Related Companies.

The tower's deisgn is inspired by the elegance and magnificence of the classic Gothic cathedral, and the addressing of  slender vertciality columns and curvature elements of those buildings to draw the eye skyward and make a iconic presence.

The delicate curvature vertical banding is proposed made by bronze tone terracotta during the schematic phase, which nowdays become a most favorable building material  at New York's super tall buildings because of its unique texture and sunlight reflection. The bronze stacking terracotta panels can accentuate the verticality while the full height zero sideline structurally  glazed windows refracting the color of the sky. The effect is intend to be a soften and senous counterpoint to the surrounding white and curtain-wall towers so as to create a special living environment. The column cover profiles shift between floors echos the change of programs.

The SET including Restaurant, Equinox fitness, Senior living and market rate rental units with amenities such as movie theater, outdoor pool terrace etc.

Related Companies EXEC Presentation Color Option 1

Related Companies EXEC Presentation Color Option 2

During the several rounds of presentation with executive of Related Companies ( Steve Ross attended three times) we show them the proposal of facade system by 3D print and laser cut models ranging from site scale to 3 feet terracotta panel mock up.

Physical Models

Site Plan

Zoning Study

Sunligh And Shadow Study


Two window system proposals at SD stage for construction and budget considerations. One is casement window wall, which is cheaper and less affect the interior floor plate depth wise, but less elegant at exterior. The other is zero sightline curtain wall.

The first proposal including two options, 600 feet L shape and 800 feet point tower, after approaching Related procurement team, the owner choose the L shape because of 30 million construction cost difference.

One of the EXEC Presentation at Related Companies' headquarter, new york Times Warner Center with the incredible view of Central Park.

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