Micro Leasing Tower

Year: Fall 2014

Place: University of Pennsylvania

Studio Critic: Brian Philips

During the Transition from 20st century’s hyper Consumption to 21st collaborative consumption, the life style already greatly changed. Before, with the growing family members but a stable income, those goods which people consumed finally become a burden both to the owner and environment as a whole . With the development of modern technology, particularly the Internet and App based mobile, people are able and willing to live with much less. Along with these developments, a lot of companies are emerging to promote the shared access, like Airbnb, Zip car, etc. The traditional ownership greatly changed, the product is sliced into pieces, and people leasing a piece of that item temporarily via various media. Take the sharing mode of Airbnb for example, besides the low leasing fee compared to traditional hotels and large users, it still has a lot of troubles like service issues and leasing contract, which arouse the question towards the sharing economical reputation and community. So this project’s aim is to arrange the micro leasing concept into a single tower, which serves a node and a symbol in the whole sharing network in the city. Thinking about the traditional human dwellings, if we category the living space into small, median, large and extra large four types, usually people incline to stay at the median and large place and pay little attention to the other two. In this project, it probes the living possibilities in these two extreme conditions and the potential relationship between them. The function of living room, bedroom, meeting room, study room can be interchangeable in most of the small sharing units through the embedded furniture. These spaces and units can be leasing long term, short term, hourly or even for minutes via APP.


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Micro Sharing units


Micro Sharing units


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