Lavitational Fragment

Year: Fall 2013

Place: University of Pennsylvania

Studio Critic: Ezio Blasetti

The project start from natural physical form, and intend to transfer the mathematicical logic of physical wood decay phenomenon into tectonic and architectural language.The wood decay and aging can change and shape the space inside the object. In- between the layers and textures, the boundary of the space are blurred by the missing fragments, and it create a intimacy and transparency  inside- out. 

From the site analysis, I find the bridge between the 30th street station and peco tower is in a critical conjunction, even though it connect the campus area and downtown of Philadelphia and has the riverfront greenway pass through, its circulation is in a state of messy. So the project is to replaced the bridge and combined the function of music performance with it. The programs are unfolded along the linear walkway. As people walks inside, they not only enjoy the beautiful view of Phil skyline, but also influenced from the performer around. It can create different spatial experience for its users.



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