Carbon X Trade Center

Year: Spring 2015

Place: University of Pennsylvania

Studio Critic: Shawn Rickenbacker

The environmental and biological impact of air quality has plagued many civilizations throughout histrory. The industrialized age in particular has recorded unprecedented negative environmental change in addition to staggering health related conditions. The post industrial through to the post modern era have each continued for futher compromise the fragile environmental equilibrium that many scientist have caution is necessary for our continued habitation of the planet.

The air in hundreds of U.S. counties is simply too dirty to breath, the govenment ordering a multibillion-dollar expansion of efforts to clean up smog in cities and towns nationwide. This is largerly due to a fundamental lack of a comprehensive strategy that addresses the most offensive urban environments as an entire bio-ecology.

Today there is widespread acknoledgment of the vulnerability of the environment, especially if remediation efforts are not undertaken. LEED building standards, alternative energe sources and an array of small-scale, scattered and marginallyeffective measures are being implemented at rates that cannot effectively address the current measureed negative impact.

many of today's worst environmental offenders are our contemporary cities. their attration and arguably their success as centers of commerce and culture stem from their physical diversity of use and population. However the recognition of a lack of required diversity in the form of natural and man-made systems to offset such historical negative byproduct, such as pollution and physical waste presents the opportunity for a much needed creation and or evolution of a complementary system capable of measureable remediation.

From the late nineteenth to early twentieth century, the New York City dramatically transformed into an iconic modern metropolis, along with the increasing air pollution the vertical development of urban morphology provide the city with a distinctive and emblematic feature. The density and flatness of the vertical city stagger the natural air movement and worse the pollution.

The carbon X trading center serves as a dynamic site of experiment and innovation to the sustainable culture. It take advantage of the form of peak and valley, the rational oriented chimneys and arms, and the raised footages not only maximize the air movement, but also give a unique appearance contrary to the flat elevation in New York. The multi-layers ionized panel system installed at the building envelop provide a really positive possibility to remediate the air.


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